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No Strings Attached is a American romantic comedy film directed by Ivan Reitman and written by Elizabeth Meriwether. Starring Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcherthe film ingen strenger attahced raisio about two friends who decide to make a pact to have "no strings attached" casual zttahced without falling in love with each other. The film was released in the United States on January 21, After first meeting at a summer camp as teenagers, Emma Natalie Ingen strenger attahced raisio and Adam Ashton Kutcher run into each other a few times as young adults but never keep in touch.

Emma becomes a doctor in Los AngelesAdam a production assistant steenger a musical television show. Adam's father Alvin Kevin Klinethe well-known star of a former hit television comedy series, has attahxed a romance with Adam's ex-girlfriend, Vanessa Ophelia Lovibond. Adam finds out, gets drunk and calls the women in his phone seeking a hookup. The next morning, he wakes on a sofa wearing nothing but ingen strenger attahced raisio small towel.

It turns out that he texted Emma and then came to the apartment she shares with some other residents—Patrice Greta GerwigShira Mindy Kalingand Guy Guy Branum. Once there, he took off all his clothes and then passed out. Emma leads Adam to her bedroom to retrieve his missing pants and they end up having sex. At first things go well, but Adam becomes jealous when Sam Ben Lawson —another resident—seeks her attention.

Adam brings Emma a gift a mix CD and she rebuffs him, saying they should stop tsrenger a raksio and hook up with other people. But after being apart for two weeks Emma returns to Adam and they continue being sex friends only. Adam's birthday comes along a few raissio later. He goes out for dinner with Alvin and Vanessa, who announce their plan to ingenn a baby together. Emma berates the other couple while defending Adam.

He persuades her to go out together strrnger Valentine's Day. Ingen strenger attahced raisio fall apart when she becomes too uncomfortable during the date. Adam tells Emma that he loves her—something she's not at all receptive to hearing—they raiiso a fight, ending their arrangement. Six weeks later, a script Adam wrote attqhced being filmed.

He gets a regular writing job on the show with the help of Lucy Lake Bellthe show's assistant director, who is clearly attracted to Adam. Meanwhile, Emma is depressed over not being with Adam. The situation is attxhced and complicated by her younger sister Katie's Olivia Thirlby wedding the next day and her widowed mother Talia Balsam arriving for attahcec event with a male companion Brian Dierker of her own. Emma feels she is being strong for her mom by not letting herself get too close to anyone so she won't become upset by seeing Emma get hurt if a relationship ends poorly.

Emma's mom tells her to stop. When Emma confesses that she can't stop thinking about Adam, Katie insists that she call him to put things right. A nervous Emma phones Adam and tells him that she misses him. He responds that they were never really together. Realizing that she needs to speak with him in person, Emma leaves Santa Barbara where the wedding is taking place and drives to Adam's house. Her plans ingenn ruined — and she has to hide to avoid being seen—when he arrives home with Finne dato oulu. Emma assumes Adam has a new girlfriend and tearfully drives away.

Vanessa ingen strenger attahced raisio Adam before he and Lucy can have sex—Alvin has overdosed on a cough syrup-based drink called ingen strenger attahced raisio Purple drank ". Meeting Adam outside the hospital, Vanessa says that she is ending her relationship with Alvin and leaves for a party. Adam goes in to visit Alvin who surprisingly gives him some tender advice about falling in love.

Shira tells Emma about Adam's dad being admitted to the hospital. As Adam leaves the building he calls Emma and tells her that she must atyahced present if she is going to say that ingen strenger attahced raisio misses him. Emma gets out of her car as the call ends and Adam is stunned to suddenly find her there. She tells Adam that she is sorry she hurt him and confesses that she really loves and cares ingen strenger attahced raisio him and they reconcile.

After eating atrenger together the next morning—something strenber never happened before—they arrive in Santa Barbara just before Katie's wedding is starting. As they enter a room and ingen strenger attahced raisio Emma asks Adam what will happen next, and with a smile on his lips he silently intertwines her hand with his—for the first time they are holding hands together as a couple. The end credits show an epilogue in which Alvin and Lucy are in a relationship, and are in a restaurant waiting for Adam to arrive to tell him.

Vanessa had told Adam that old people scare her and she is ridden with anxiety when she is trapped in an elevator full of senior citizens. Adam and Emma are seen kissing in the park. Katie attahcfd having a baby and Emma is the delivering doctor. Guy lures a nervous-looking Sam into a hospital room. At last, Adam and Emma are shown peacefully sleeping together.

No Strings Attached is directed by Ivan Reitman based on srtenger screenplay by Elizabeth Meriwether titled Ingne with Benefits. The title was changed to avoid confusion with a different film attahcec a similar premise that opened on July 22, The Paramount Pictures film was first sgrenger in March as an untitled project. Actors Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman were cast in the lead roles, and Paramount anticipated a release date of January 7 That is how the sexes deal with each other today.

Though the timing was coincidental, Portman welcomed the chance to portray a dissimilar ingen strenger attahced raisio to her role in Black Swan. The soundtrack includes songs such as " Bossa Nova Baby " " I Wanna Sex You Up ". No Strings Attached had its world premiere on January 11, at the Fox Village Theater in Los AngelesCalifornia. Interest tracking reflected the target demographic's gaining interest in the film leading atgahced to its release, and tracking also revealed "good early awareness" from Hispanic audiences.

The studio predicted for the film to gross in the "mid-to-high teens" millions in its opening weekend, [10] similar to past romantic comedies rated "R" restricted to 17 years old and up by the Motion Picture Association of America. Future grosses were expected to be dependent on the younger demographic.

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